Objections to Open Relationships. And Replies


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Justin, Alex, and Zach return to respond to all of your objections—well, 10 of them. If you are skeptical of the idea that you should reject monogamy and be in an open relationship, the vimmers follow up to assuage your doubts. See the article (https://thevimblog.com/2018/08/26/open-relationships/) for written responses to the objections. Listen with an open mind. Some transparency- 2:25 The 10 objections: 1. “Some monogamous relationships suck, but not mine. I am happy.”- 6:19 2. "Non-monogamy isn’t natural/monogamy is natural”- 12:50 3. “I tried open relationships and they were terrible!”- 20:05 4. “Why isn’t this argument based on feminism?”- 26:38 5. “You should respect my agency and not force open relationships on me.”- 33:04 6. “There’s a difference between rejecting monogamy and rejecting amatonormativity.”- 38:08 7. “Open relationships are a lot of exhausting work.”- 51:05 8. “I don’t want to give up marriage. It is an important part of life.”- 58:10 9. “Open relationships are inconsistent with my religious beliefs”- 1:06:40 10. “Studies show that monogamy leads to more happiness than non-monogamy.”- 1:11:37 If we didn’t respond to your objection, reach out to us at thevim@protonmail.com www.thevimblog.comwww.twitter.com/thevimblog

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