Pacesetter's Chill and an interview with Nathan D. Paoletta


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Gather round, Chill Masters! This week, we're discussing the horror roleplaying game Chill (1984), by Pacesetter Games. Is it scary? Is it campy? We don't know, because Chill never really figured that out for itself.

We also welcome game designer Nathan D. Paoletta of Worldwide Wrestling fame. We chat about wrasslin' briefly before turning to his latest, the psychological monster hunting game Imp of the Perverse, set in Jacksonian America.

* * *

If you want to buy Chill or any other RPGs, there's a pretty good chance our sponsors at Noble Knight Games have it in stock! Use code CHILLOUT to get $5 off orders of $25 or more, in person or online, from October 13 through October 31.

Turns out, Imp of the Perverse is out now! Because we talked about the pre-order still being available on the show, Nathan sent along a code so our listeners can get the physical book at the pre-order price of $28 ($6 off retail). Just use code VINTAGE at checkout!

You can also check out Nathan's Patreon, Instagram and his podcast dedicated to The Rockford Files.

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