Seize the Day and Go For It with Dr. Richard Ledda


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Host, Dr. Don MacDonald heads East to Winnipeg to speak with chiropractor and podcast host, Dr. Richard Ledda. Dr. Ledda explains the life events that led him to choose a career in chiropractic instead of ‘traditional’ medicine like some family members had done. He is a graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University and the host of The Chiro Inspired Podcast. Rich shares poignant advice for recent graduates of chiropractic college and for those considering chiropractic as a profession.

During this episode, Rich shares the obesity and metabolic challenges he faced as a teen, how he deals with burnout, how he grew his practice, and his plans to grow his practice after reaching a plateau.

Key Takeaways:
  • Rich grew up as an unhealthy, overweight kid but it wasn’t until his dad died that he made a change and decided chiropractic was his way forward. [2:43]
  • Northwestern Health Sciences University provided Rich with a roundhouse of chiropractic philosophies and techniques. [8:10]
  • Rich’s advice to students and new chiropractic graduates. [14:22]
  • To grow his practice, Rich leaned into a relationship with his mentor, making the most of his systems and networks. [18:03]
  • How Rich deals with burnout and maintains focus on his family when his practice feels overwhelming. [24:10]
  • How the idea for The Chiro Inspired Podcast took root and what Rich has discovered by doing it. [27:56]
  • If Rich could do it all over again he would tell himself to prepare for the worst but expect the best. [35:56]

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