Gianni Russo on Sleeping with Marilyn Monroe at 16 (She was 28), Kennedys Killing Marilyn After She Got Pregnant, Killing a Child Molester (Part 1/2)


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In part 1 of our sit-down with Gianni Russo, he spoke about his upbringing in Little Italy and having family ties to the Italian Mafia, including his uncle Angelo, who was hanged in Sicily. He went on to speak about his own ties to the mob, as Gianni started working for Luciano crime boss Frank Costello at 13. While working for Costello, Gianni met Marilyn Monroe, who he says came onto him when he was 16 and she was 28. The two carried on a long friendship, and Gianni spoke about being with Monroe just days before she died, which he said was a murder carried out by Bobby Kennedy. Gianni went on to speak about having a role in the mob killing JFK, and he also spoke about why Jimmy Hoffa's body will never be found.

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