101 - Flavor Gems of Unsanctioned


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This weekend was February 29th, Leap Day, and the release of the new box set product Unsanctioned! This product features 16 brand-new silver-bordered cards, so of course we had to do a flavor gems episode! We even do something we haven't done in ages: Answer listener questions. If you enjoy The Vorthos Cast, consider supporting us on Patreon at www.patreon.com/thevorthoscast! 01:13 – Listener Question: Why Karona on Memorial to War? 04:04 – Listener Question: How Did Ravnican Oceans Survive in the Dark? 07:53 – Listener Question: Any Full-Fledged Snow Planes? 13:20 – Secret Lair: International Women’s Day Link: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/announcing-secret-lair-drop-series-international-womens-day-2020-02-25 15:27 – Unsanctioned Flavor Gems Link: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/card-image-gallery/unsanctioned 49:16 – Final Thoughts Link: https://mtglore.com/

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