115 - Teferi: Before the Mending


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Core Set 2021 focuses on Teferi, the timey-wimey wizard from Zhalfir. This week we're taking a look back at Teferi's influence before the Mending, a time that saw him grow from prankster child to responsible adult. All our pledges at www.patreon.com/thevorthoscast for June will be donated to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute to support black trans communities across the US. 00:10 – Supporting the Marsha P. Johnson Institute Link: https://marshap.org/donate/ 04:54 – History of Teferi: Tolaria 13:56 – History of Teferi: Mirage War 24:56 – History of Teferi: Planeswalker War 27:00 – History of Teferi: Prophecy War 32:16 – History of Teferi: Phyrexian Invasion 38:09 – Final Thoughts

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