86 - The Gathering Storm Ch. 14-17


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We're in week two of three covering the final episodes of Django Wexler's The Gathering Storm! This episode is all about the chapters leading up to the finale, where things really start going awry for our heroes and the clamps of Nicol Bolas's trap snap shut. Enjoy! If you enjoy The Vorthos Cast, consider supporting us on Patreon at www.patreon.com/thevorthoscast! 01:07 – Riot Games Introduces Digital TCG Runeterra Link: https://playruneterra.com/en-us/ 04:45 – The Gathering Storm Chapter 14 Link: https://mailchi.mp/8d3f6c0de7f0/chapter-one-the-gathering-storm-by-django-wexler-1274959 12:33 – The Gathering Storm Chapter 15 Link: https://mailchi.mp/c2f4c4b9b5e1/chapter-one-the-gathering-storm-by-django-wexler-1297011 21:28 – The Gathering Storm Chapter 16 Link: https://mailchi.mp/9b7febc08405/chapter-one-the-gathering-storm-by-django-wexler-1297031 27:33 – The Gathering Storm Chapter 17 Link: https://mailchi.mp/f7a2dc644389/chapter-one-the-gathering-storm-by-django-wexler-1297039 34:33 – Final Thoughts

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