Apple Admits DEFEAT - WAN Show Mar 29, 2019


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Timestamps (Courtesy of Rafifboss)

1:04 first impression on a smartwatch with a bend-able display 5:30 Sennheiser wireless earplug short review 8:21 back to the previous topic (that smartwatch) 13:31 intro 14:12 load the floatplane chat, because there's hater on youtube chat 14:31 back to that topic, again, with it on your face 16:37 strawpoll denied 18:10 strawpoll not denied ( ) 18:37 the hard truth from Alex 20:02 Alex passes credibility test from Linus 20:45 another hard truth from Alex 21:00 Linus need help from youtube chat cause he get destroyed by Alex 22:37 Apple has canceled Air Power (wireless power) (also Linus admit defeat) 25:56 Why the thumbnail seems into hating Apple because it's increase views 28:12 some rant about mobile games 32:50 some rant about supercar companies being protective about their brand 33:53 sponsor: LTT store 36:33 sponsor: PIA 37:40 New sponsor: Displate 39:42 About people get angry, cause LTT bashing a seemingly good device, and the explanation why 48:11 Is the tech reviewer job is threatened? 53:54 Straw poll about how the tech reviewer should be 57:06 LTT can't do a bundle for now 57:56 back to tech reviewer topic ( ) 1:00:11 Do you want to roast Linus? (with short sponsor time : Madrinas) 1:03:38 LTX update 1:04:49 Some companies going to charge for customer suppport 1:07:59 Another LTX update 1:08:42 Some guy walks from Mexico to LTX (Canada) 1:09:27 outro

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