EA Bricks Playstation 4s?? - WAN Show Mar 8, 2019


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Timestamps courtesy of SamTheMD

0:00 - Start 7:16 - Linus and the “business” of LMG 16:32 - Luke bought a house! 18:14 - EA Bricking PS4s (jk) 18:28 - Techlinked schedule changes 24:28 - Intro (finally) 25:27 - Luke and Linus have a conversation that we really didn’t need to know 28:21 - EA Bricking PS4s (for real this time) 30:39 - Sponsor: Private Internet Access 34:46 - Sponsor: Honey 36:23 - Sponsor: Savage Jerky 38:01 - Steam not distributing “** Day* 44:57 - LTX Stuffs 49:50 - The game Linus has been “enjoying lately” 54:09 - Floatplane Updates 57:15 - Super Chats 1:15:24 - SCRAPYARD WARS SEASON 8 1:22:44 - Linus wants to go home

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