20 Million PC gamers to switch to console - WAN Show April 26, 2019


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0:00 - The Nubbit Show starts 1:41 - The swear button 1:55 - Linus's big news 5:20 - INTRO (doesn't work) 7:00 - Fornite success leads to months of intense crunch 21:10 - PC games to switch to console (and console talk) 26:00 - LTT water bottle and sandals 28:12 - Intel's 2021 roadmap leaked 33:24 - Sponsor: Mos Backpack 35:35 - Sponsor: Madrinas Coffee 36:24 - Sponsor: Displate 37:10 - AMD Vega beats nVidia in Vulkan 39:12 - LTX 44:50 - Linus needs to upgrade his PC and games talk 1:01:13 - Straw Poll results: floatplane shirt design 1:03:27 - That's it. BLEEP BLEEP

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