Even Intel is Impressed by AMD's Progress - WAN Show June 28, 2019


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Timestamps: (Courtesy of Mikersoft Vindows)

0:01 Info about stream 2:18 Intro 3:00 Noise pollution & high framerates 5:00 Camera Apertures & Lighting 7:00 Linus complaining about Harmony Remotes 11:17 Jony Ive leaving apple 14:40 Editing showdown discussion 16:20 Calander apps and apple design 21:00 Intel impressed by AMD's progress 28:20 Intel & AMD at Pax conventions 32:15 Linus listing off all his processors 39:30 LMG store promotion 42:00 Other sponsor mentions 42:00 conventions discussions 47:40 Talking about food 49:20 Sponsor mention 51:15 Display port 2.0 55:00 Infrared laser discussion 57:50 Outro

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