Nvidia is BACK AT IT AGAIN - WAN Show Mar 15, 2019


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Timestamps courtesy of Jorge Huicochea

0:00 No topics 0:29 Linus is "taking a vacation" 0:58 Intro 2:19 Linus is self-conscious about his vacation time 5:20 Linus talks about video plans during vacation 6:15 Floatplane Stuff 9:47 Actually discussing topics (JK) 10:15 LTT employees are human 18:30 Luke eats too much 19:23 Linus and Luke Nostalgia 21:35 THE THING 22:02 OBS freezing 23:25 THE THING (Afterparty?) 23:42 Luke moves into new place 28:20 Sponsor: Backblaze 29:47 Sponsor: Pulseway 31:13 Sponsor: Freshbooks 32:20 LTX 2019 35:50 LTT Store (EU Viewers REJOICE) 37:09 Actual topic: GTK 1660 (LOL) 38:20 Windows 10 Updates won't suck (sometimes) 39:26 Linus debates not updating your PC 41:48 Linus debates not updating Android 43:02 Strawpoll on an OEM disabling your old phone 46:07 Strawpoll Results 53:00 Hydrogen One Modules Removed from Red Website 55:00 Linus goes on about retail

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