WW 135: Therese Skelly on How to Stop the Sabotage and Increase your Prices


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Ever feel like you're the thing that's holding you back? That's exactly what Therese Skelly felt before she decided to take action and stop sabotaging her own life. She found her value, increased her prices, and never looked back. Today Therese is sharing all of her wisdom on mindset and how you can also stop sabotaging your dream and start increasing the prices of what you sell.

Show Notes: https://www.wanderwealthypodcast.com/podcast/episode135

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Tess is the founder of Wander Wealthy and the lead Wealth and Mindset Coach for Online Coaches. She works one-on-one with her clients to help them find ease in their personal and business finances. She is also the host of The Wander Wealthy Podcast and excited to bring you new ideas, tips, and tactics through soloshows and exclusive interviews with other smart and savvy entrepreneurs.

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