Mike Keevil of Team Recon and Sniper Foundation: Cleansing the Demons


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Mike Keevil is a Marine and Captain of the shooting team with the Recon and Sniper Foundation. He also has one of the most interesting careers I've ever seen in the Marine Corps.

Mike enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves in 2004 as a food service Marine. He deployed to Iraq in 2006 with Mortuary Affairs, and then transferred to 4th Recon Batallion and went to BRC.

From there he deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 with 3rd Recon Batallion, and most recently went on UDP with 3rd Recon in 2018.

Mike is a founding member of Team Recon and Sniper, and has found a release through shooting sports. Mike has also spent time as a firearms instructor for a DHS agency.

In this conversation, we discuss Mike's career, his transition into Recon, and his work with Team RSF.

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