Episode 59: NoZoup and the Conqueror are the Controversy of the Week


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Hi listeners, in this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, No Zoup joins us again to talk about recent controversies. The crew gets into the various topics and discusses some recent testing with Graf Zeppelin and Deep Water Torpedoes, as well as speculation with Pan Asian Destroyers. Changes and talk about Smoke Meta, nerfs to ships like HMS Conqueror occupy our show.

Getting started with our show topics the cast touches on the latest test iteration of the KMS Graf Zeppelin where the discussion is on Deep Water Torpedoes (D.W.T.'s). D.W.T.'s give the KMS Graf Zeppelin a feeling similar to how the ship originally started testing. D.W.T.'s are also going to appear on the Pan Asian Destroyer line and the cast speculates about that line and capabilities. Radar is being added to Tiers 8 through 10 of that line in exchange for smoke generators, so the cast discuss what this might mean for competitive play. There is talk about smoke firing changes that were tested recently on the Public Test Server and how this might effect destroyer play or smoke dependent ships. Pan Asian Destroyers and minor nation naval lines are debated in context of the major navies as the cast members give their thoughts on the subject.

Moving into our controversial topic, thanks in large part to No Zoup's recent video about the HMS Conqueror, the cast debate the ship and the upcoming nerfs to it and Lion. The crew goes over the numbers, as well as discussing how battleship game play feel. This leads to the point on how the RN BB's are playing a role in the current meta and whether they feel like battleships or not. Statistics, ship's characteristics, and the definition on what constitutes an over powered ship is also debated as the cast compares and contrast to other over powered ships no longer available. Closing out this weeks episode the cast wraps up with some quick reminders:

  • Supremacy League week 3 is coming up this weekend with some matches streamed. Check the podcast description for a link to the streams
  • We've been given access to the revamped World of Warplanes game to test out, would our listeners like a short report on the state of the revamp?
  • Kelorn will be at the Let's battle tour in November, and so will No Zoup!
  • KamiSamurai and No Zoup will be at Twitch Con next week so be sure to check that out.
  • Halloween mode is coming for the second year in a row, we'll have more details next week!
  • Visit the Forums for details on how to win a Kii, Mutsu, or an Ishizuchi!

Thank you everyone for listening and supporting. We look forward to having you next podcast!

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