2018-09-30 The Watt from Pedro Show


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hour one: "untitled original 11386" (from the lost album) john coltrane "five feet high and rising" william elliott whitmore "country blues" william elliott whitmore "before the town gets sold (let them have their fun)" solvents "baryonyx" wintering "I believe her, do you?" alice bag "realize" r-04 "sugar pills" waqwaq kingdom "psycho magic" alex zhang hungtai, david maranha & gabriel ferrandini "ain't no sunshine" william elliott whitmore hour two: "run johnny run" william elliott whitmore "basement escape blues" mold omen "chemistry" the heelerz "nothing belongs to you" the emperors of ice cream "she lives in an airport" guided by voices "days on days" joe brewer "pedal swells" patrick grant "hot blue and righteous" william elliott whitmore "don't pray on me" william elliott whitmore "what was it anyway?" (excerpt) mike rugnetta "foma stylish coma" omniflux "fanfare" tashi wada with yoshi wada and friends "new societies interacting, let's zoom in" dustin wong hour three: "busted" william elliott whitmore "lawnchair larry" (live) kosmoshice "austria" andrea rottin "a dstopian gyre" yurt "drug knife" ladyhump "monopoly" (live) plebs "one glass at a time" william elliott whitmore "fear of trains" william elliott whitmore "mandalay" amyl and the sniffers "ode to death" drunk mums "rare au pair" mod vigil "disco kid" chaz bundick meets the mattson 2 "the nature of being at one with all things" david gerard "bat chain puller" william elliott whitmore

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