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Group program academy is now open for enrollment starting today! This is my holistic five-step launch system for coaches who want to create a profit generating group coaching program and a freedom-based business.

If you've been feeling overwhelmed with one-on-one clients, or maybe you want to help more people, but you don't want to give up more of your time, Group Program Academy is here to help!

Inside Group Program Academy, I'm going to walk you through my launch first formula, which involves getting your group program to market quickly. So you can be gaining valuable insight, making money and learning how to optimize your program so that it can become the most sought after program in your niche.

If you want to get into Group Program Academy at the lowest possible price point, make sure to enroll before July 27th!

Join Group Program Academy for 40% off until July 27th: bit.ly/groupprogramacademy

Register for the Group Program Academy info session: bit.ly/gpa-infosession

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