Patricia Meunier-Lebouc, The Spirit International | Episode No. 171


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The Spirit International features the world's best amateur men and women golfers as they represent their respective country in team and individual competitions. Led by Patricia Meunier-Lebouc, Team France won the event in 2019. Patricia is more than a coach… She is a former LPGA Tour and Ladies European Tour player, a major champion and coaches with Martin Hall at Ibis Golf & Country Club.

On this episode of The Wednesday Match Play Podcast you will learn more about her illustrious playing career, her thoughts on Whispering Pines Golf Club. her time spent with Corby Robertson, how she helped her team prepare for The Spirit International and what this victory means to her. Does she think Tiger will break Jack's record? You'll find out! This was a fun episode and I enjoyed having Patricia on the show. Let's tee off.

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