Michael Pare of Eddie & the Cruisers, The Philadelphia Experiment : The Master of Disaster Dr. Randal Bell : The Week in Geek 4/11/21


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Actor Michael Pare from Eddie and the Cruisers, Streets of Fire, and the Philadelphia Experiment joins the show to discuss his new movie "Hollow Point" We also discuss the science behind the Philadelphia Experiment and his friendship and cooking competitions with Uwe Boll.......and what is Authentic German Sauerbraten?
Dr. Randall Bell aka The Master of Disaster joins the show to talk about his book "Post-Traumatic Thriving: The Art, Science, & Stories of Resilience" We continue our discussions on Mental Health and how the Covid-19 Pandemic has left a mark on everyone in the world.
In Top Nerd News we celebrate April 5th - First Contact Day. Star Trek and Paramount + released several new trailers and articles on what we can expect in the coming year on ST Picard : ST Discovery : Lower Decks and more. Plus D-Squared goes off the rails from his version of 1st Contact Day. We also cover the new Loki Series on Disney + Jensen Ackles as Batman, and Chris Pratt's new movie. Finally we cover the cutest little Stay Puft men in the Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer.
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The Week in Geek 4/11/21

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