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How do you look and feel great and live a long, healthy life? And how do you avoid chronic health issues and diseases in this modern toxic world? Adrienne Nolan-Smith (holistic patient advocate, speaker, health researcher, founder of WellBe) hosts this weekly series dedicated to your health empowerment. If you want to know how you can prevent and heal chronic health issues naturally when they arise through integrative and functional medicine (because let's face it conventional healthcare is pretty broken for chronic issues), you're in the right place. Episode topics include holistic health, patient advocacy, consumer advocacy, functional and integrative medicine, health freedom, nontoxic living, healing chronic health issues, wellness, healthcare, and more. If you care about evidence, proof, changing the healthcare system, and making wellness more actionable and less confusing, then you'll love this podcast. Learn more about Adrienne, WellBe and get all the written and video versions of these episodes at

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