Paul West: Sustainability, Cooking and Community


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Photograph of Hilary Harper and Paul West

Hilary Harper and Paul West at the Wheeler Centre

Paul West – ‘Australia’s Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’ – is a homegrown champion in more ways than one.

The former Vue De Monde chef, and host of River Cottage Australia, is a sustainable food advocate – and he wants to show you that you can grow and cook your own food, wherever you are, however much space you have.

For West, growing, cooking and sharing food with your loved ones is a powerful act. ‘It’s personal, local action that empowers us when global problems can leave you feeling powerless.’

The chef, who trained in hatted restaurants, now offers practical advice on everything from building a ‘no dig’ garden, bee-keeping and knife-skills, to simple and delicious recipes for common veggies that you’ve grown yourself, and even throwing a backyard harvest festival. It’s all in his new book, The Edible Garden Cookbook & Growing Guide.

In this event, West speaks with Hilary Harper about how growing and eating locally has an impact well beyond our backyard.

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