Stirring Change and Food Wastage


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We are back and chatting with Georgia Lienemann who featured in episode 108, where we spoke about reducing food waste by consuming all of the parts that make up an animal, including brains, hearts and livers! While we candidly admit that we haven’t yet implemented offal into our diet, the idea is well and truly etched in our minds. This episode will certainly add a few more ideas to your memory banks, where again we are hearing some incredible tips on how to reduce household food waste.

It’s a bit of a crime to be throwing away so many food items, where you can truly reap in all the health benefits of many of their offcuts, and save the environment at the same time. With this awareness, each and every one of us can very easily play our part in cutting down on overall food wastage. Remember, any mind-set that you adapt about reducing your food wastage is passed down to your children and that’s a powerful thing. If we don’t raise our children to be a little conservative, they would grow up with the mind-set of being able to waste things, just because they can!

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