Do-It-Yourself Household Items, Is it Worth It?


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As you know, we do live a fairly strict additive-free lifestyle, at least compared to most of the population! This has led to a lot of DIY moments around the house to help save money, make great thoughtful gifts, protect the environment and keep in line with our additive-free values. From the early days of focusing on additive-free, due to Jo’s daughter’s serious behavioural issues, right to Tracey’s love of natural body care, DIY just seemed to fit hand-in-hand with our healthy lifestyle changes. So whether you’re wanting to look into DIY body-care products, or DIY cleaning products (or both), our focus in this podcast is to compare costs of DIY vs purchased products to inspire you to go the extra mile!

We will send a word of warning on the amazing DIY cleaning products mentioned , you might find that you actually start to enjoy cleaning (in a strange way). That’s because the oils are uplifting and don’t come with the headaches, or other side-effects of chemical cleaning products. If you’re of the belief that you don’t have time to DIY, trust us, all of the products above take a few minutes to make! With your interest in safe and natural cleaning or bathroom products, together we’re all helping to turn around the cleaning industry, by their avoidance of using harmful chemicals. We’re starting to see the shift already and are super excited!


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