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Brace yourself because you’re going to learn so much in this episode! This question came up quite often in our Additive-Free Made Easy Group. Just why are petroleum based ingredients harmful to your health? You might want to read the back of your skincare product labels after hearing this podcast! Petroleum ingredients are found in some of the most popular skincare products.

What are petroleum based products? This is likely the biggest question we get asked. In a nutshell, they are a by-product of crude oil. Yes, something you put in your car or lubricate your car engine with. That’s what’s going on your skin. It just blows our mind that health authorities allow companies to place petroleum in popular beauty care products! There are a couple of grades of petroleum to look for: Xylene Toluene Mineral oil (perhaps the most deceptive branding) Liquid paraffin Paraffin wax Petroleum jelly (has been around for 50 to 60 years as a base in makeup products)

While there are no real links to major medical issues, there are plenty of concerns expressed by medical professionals, and it doesn’t offer your skin any health benefits. If the main ingredient in your skin care product is a petroleum derived ingredient, we believe you’re simply throwing your money away.

All of these serums only take a few minutes to whip up, and we can almost guarantee will be cheaper, and more beneficial for your skin health than any anti-ageing skin care product you might buy at an expensive department store. It makes the world of difference to know that you’re using nothing but natural ingredients that is supporting your health. We highly recommend top quality essential oils like doTERRA! Why not switch up your routine, save some money and improve your skin at the same time. Once you start you can’t stop!


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