Be Organised for Back to School


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In this week’s episode of The Whole Circle Podcast we are talking all things back to school.

We want to focus on helping you get organised for back to school so that you can head into term 1 feeling like you are on top of everything instead of scrambling. We all know that feeling and it sucks!

Having said that though, this episode is really great for anyone who is wanting to stock their freezer with food regardless of the reason why.

Topics discussed:

  1. Easy lunchbox options
  2. Ingredients to look out for when buying packaged/processed food
  3. Yeast extract and hydrolysed vegetable protein
  4. Sulphur dioxide (preservative 202)
  5. Nitrate (preservative 250-251)
  6. Anti-caking agent
  7. Meals Made Easy
  8. Lemon bliss balls
  9. Nut free muesli bar slice
  10. Pizza scrolls
  11. Double chocolate fudge slice
  12. Aunty betty plain biscuits
  13. Chicken sausage rolls
  14. Save money with Meals Made Easy
  15. Want to know more about Meals Made Easy

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