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In this week’s episode of The Whole Circle Podcast we talk to Sharon Collon from Calming the Chaos with The Functional Family.

Sharon knew her eldest son had ADHD from very early on. Her husband has severe ADHD, so they knew what to look for. Sharon wanted to help him and her family, and what followed was 9 years of research and trialling everything she could to help her little boy.

They did everything, occupational therapy, speech therapy, GAPS Diet, RPA Diet, Paleo Diet, Integrative Paediatricians, Developmental Paediatricians, Child Psychologists, cutting out all colours and preservatives, behavioural therapy and then different medications.

Everything helped to a certain degree, but their home life was exhausting! Sharon began developing systems and routines to try and make their home life easier. She noticed that the more organised routine based their family became, the calmer their ADHD family members would behave.

She learned that by working with a child's strengths and creating easy to understand systems you can improve how your family functions.

This is how The Functional Family was born.

Topics discussed:

  1. What strategies have worked for Sharon with her son?
  2. How does the ADD/ADHD brain work?
  3. How do you help kids at school with ADHD?
  4. What are three things as a family you can do to support your ADHD/ADD child?
  5. Calming the Chaos
  6. Screen Time
  7. Boundaries
  8. How can we support families who have ADD/ADHD children?

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