WTF are Aliens?


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Pucker those suckers and lube the tubes because on this episode we're going DEEP into the galactic occult scene and uncovering the stinky, grey truth of the alien visitor phenomena. We go up to the elbow considering the curious connection between Crowley, Scientology, JPL and ancient gnostic religion.

Come aboard with us as we discuss:

-The Travis Walton UFO Incident

-How Crowley introduced the world to the greys.

-The Secret Cult of LAM

-Sophia and Gnostic cosmology

-Alien-Human hybridization programs

-The Amalantrah and Babalon Workings

-Where do the aliens come from?

-The spooky connection between Cthulu and Thelema.

-The writings of Kenneth Grant

-Mike Pence is still a time traveling alien and I'm going to keep talking about it because people need to know the truth.

-Kenneth Grant's "Outer Gateways"
-The Cult of Lamb
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