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The creators of Peace Within Mindfulness generously shared one of their veterinary-focused mindfulness episodes with us this week! You DEFINITELY have time to fit this short practice into your day today. You can also hear more from Dr. Sarah Montgomery in our discussion on Episode 13!
Thank you, Sarah and Zak! Please check them out on Instagram @peacewithinmindfulness or at the website below.
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Episode description - Savoring the Positive

Focusing on the positives in our life doesn’t mean we turn away from our negative experiences or the challenges we face - rather we take time to honor the good things that exist alongside the challenges - we purposefully give our brains and bodies time to soak up and enjoy the positive experiences and emotions we have.

Recent research on neuroplasticity has shown how our experiences and what we focus our attention on shapes our brain. Our brain is always changing and evolving. We can counter our biologically driven negativity bias and deliberately take in the good.

Purposefully paying attention to our positive experiences and emotions can have clear outcomes on our daily lives both personally and professionally. For example, research has shown that being in a positive mindset as opposed to negative or neutral can support focus and attention, which can impact accuracy and decision making regarding patient care.

"Savoring the Positive" is a practice in which we specifically direct our attention to a positive experience we've had - and really take the time to savor our feelings regarding this experience. This practice can then be applied to moments throughout our day.
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