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HAPPY EARTH DAY 2021! Do you need easy tips to create a more sustainable lifestyle? Would you love to do more for the planet but have no idea where to start? In this episode I'm speaking with Brandy Heyde Montague. She's the host of the For Animals. For Earth Podcast, which is all about sharing simple and actionable tips on how to change your lifestyle in a way that betters both animals and the environment. I am acutely aware of how important it is to do better to conserve our environmental resources but I lack the time to follow through with many of the generic ideas out there. Brandy is here to share some unique and thought-provoking ideas with us.
More about Brandy Heyde Montague
Brandy is the founder of For Animals. For Earth. and has been passionate about helping animals since she declared herself a vegetarian at three years old. Growing up, she was a part of various animal welfare projects as an industrial engineer, a graphic designer, a community advocate, and an animal reiki teacher. She started an eco conscious clothing line in 2016 to help animal interest groups, and through that discovered a second passion: saving the Earth.

Brandy now runs For Animals. For Earth., a resource hub of simple ideas that anyone can try in their daily life to make a difference. She hand paints the clothing sold in their Etsy shop and hosts a podcast called For Animals. For Earth., where she interviews creators and activists all over the world who are making a difference. You can find the podcast streaming on all major platforms.
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Topics we cover in this episode:
-Skin Carisma ingredient analyzer
-Paige Padgett's skincare book "The Green Beauty Rules"
-EcoCert certification info
-"These Travel Companies Created Tools to Help You Travel More Sustainably" from Travel and Leisure Magazine
-"Ten Unique Places to Donate Toys" - ForAnimals.ForEarth. Blog post
-A sound bath on the Insight Timer App from the group, Wakes
-Try Wearwell, a sustainable clothing subscription
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