Ownership in Veterinary Medicine and What That Means for You featuring Isaiah Douglass, MBA, CFP, CEPA


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Isaiah Douglass joins us today to break down some important topics - best ways to choose a financial planner, why you need to know the value of your practice if you own one, ways in which ownership can benefit an individual… and my personal favorite - you are allowed to fire toxic clients! Plus, he gave us a ton of resources and tips on leadership and financial investing. Let me know how this episode resonates with you!
About Our Guest

Hi, my name is Isaiah Douglass. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Certified Exit Planner, and Fee-Only advisor. I left a large national firm to found a solo financial planning firm in 2018 to pursue a planning approach that is dedicated to identifying ways to grow the net worth of veterinarians and dentists. In the summer of 2020, I merged with another financial advisor and became a partner in Vincere Wealth Management.

I am the host of the weekly podcast The Veterinarian Success Podcast which interviews and discusses topics related to clinical, business, financial, and personal of the lives of veterinarians. I am deeply involved in speaking within veterinary medicine via students, podcasts, video interviews, and spoken at the Veterinary Financial Summit conference. I am on the Communications Committee within VetPartners to help deliver the message of the organization to membership, but also the veterinary industry.
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