The Science of Gratitude featuring Dr. Katie Ford


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Katie graciously spent a bit of extra time talking with me about the psychological and social benefits of gratitude. Gratitude journaling is something that I have done regularly for the past year or so; it has made a monumental difference in my day-to-day outlook. Please have a listen and see if this might be something that you could work into your weekly routine.
Where to find Dr. Katie Ford
-Her website
-Her online course - Imposter Busters Lite (you can use code WHOLEVET to get 10% off!)
-Buy her book on her site or on Amazon
-Check out her new group coaching called Vet Empowered
-Instagram @katiefordvet
Stuff we discussed!
-The Five Minute Journal
-Katie also recommended the book Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl after we stopped recording!
-Here's a recent article that Katie wrote on gratitude
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