Unconventional Leadership In Veterinary Medicine with Iggy Perillo


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Veterinarians are leaders whether we are prepared for this role or not. Leadership is certainly not taught to us in vet school but the nature of this profession forces us to learn a few skills on the job. In this episode, I speak with Iggy Perillo of WSL Leadership Coaching about some of the unique ways that veterinarians (especially associates!) might struggle with becoming a leader in the workplace. We end up diving into communication skills with team members and how to know when your efforts as a leader are not in alignment with the rest of your workplace team.

About Iggy Perillo

Iggy cultivates masterminds for professionals and athletes in unique
communities who are seeking excellence in their work, sport and life. She created WSL
Leadership Coaching to develop leaders and teams who make the world a better
place through enhanced connection, communication and trust. Iggy works with
individuals, teams and organizations around the world helping them overcome
challenges and function like champions.
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