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I found Emma and Ray Peat’s work after my divorce. It changed my life completely!
Today, I’m so passionate about sharing it with women (I’m always sending people to their articles - such good info!).
In this podcast episode, we asked Dr Ray Peat a ton of questions! We chat about:
➡️PUFAs and the beginnings of the ‘health’ myth surrounding them
➡️PUFAs vs other fats
➡️How PUFAs impact your metabolism
➡️How and why your anti-aging creams and other products might actually be pro-ageing
➡️The effects of fasting on metabolism and immunity
➡️The importance of muscle mass
➡️Why excess estrogen increases chaos in the body
➡️Why the body needs sugar
➡️What causes diabetes
➡️How and why caffeine can bring on a stress reaction
➡️The protective effects of coffee
➡️A healthy range of body fat for women - you'll be surprised at what this is!
➡️HRT and the pill
➡️What causes menopausal symptoms
➡️The importance and demonisation of dairy, Ray talks about the type of dairy he drinks and its not raw or organic
➡️And so much more!
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