Beating PCOS and feeling like a goddess with Anna Lakomy


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Anna is 33 years old, lives in the US, is married, and, like me, has her fur babies!
And her story is so fascinating! I’m sure many women can relate. She spent a large majority of her life spinning her wheels in the wrong directions. Diagnosed with PCOS when she was younger, she was told all the garbage advice like to cut dairy and eat more leafy greens.
Anna says that her health journey even started before her PCOS diagnosis. She believes that her pursuit to be as skinny as possible likely contributed to her eventual diagnosis.
She then went on to try Weight Watchers, low calorie diets, keto, and more. She was also told her PCOS symptoms would likely get worse over time.
But today (after being in our program since July 2020), Anna has said that her most recent blood tests came back with all optimal numbers. Her anxiety has fully disappeared and the physical symptoms have gone away.
She shares what she eats, how she trains and the changes she had to make in her life to see these incredible improvements.
It’s truly incredible and really hits home on the importance of eating enough calories, nutrient dense foods and carbs!!
Anna even says, “I don’t think I would’ve ever made the change if it weren’t for this program.” She says the community, coaches, resources, and support helped so much (and so many other women I know agree!).
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