Botox & Fake Boobs: the good, the bad and the ugly with Kate Deering


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I remember when I got lip fillers, it was back when we still had our gym. Jake asked me what I did to my lips😂 It just looked so awful. I never did it again after that.
I then did Botox for 18 months. I felt the pressure of being on social media and so many of the women look so perfect, I wanted to look better.
After 18 months, I decided I wasn’t going to do it again. I realised it just wasn’t in line with my values or beliefs. Here I was encouraging other women to accept their bodies, eliminating nasties in the food I ate, beginning to create a no-nasties skincare line with my good friend @thenutritioncoach, and meanwhile, I was injecting my body with Botox. It didn’t make sense to me.
And it’s not that I don't think it’s okay for others to do it if it makes them feel good. It just didn’t feel right for me anymore.
This is also why I’m getting my implants taken out. For the first time in many years, I’m going fully natural. I’m even growing out my grey hairs (I recently just cut it super short to try and hurry it up, I actually bleached it too much trying to get to grey 😂). I’m excited and nervous but mostly excited because I feel I’m finally going to be presenting my full and authentic self, something that is so important to me. I just didn’t want to lie to myself anymore.
In this podcast episode, Kate Deering and I discuss everything from fake boobs to Botox, and our personal experiences with them.
We talk about:
➡️Kate’s scary Botox experience and the dangers of botox no one talks about
➡️How health experts are also imperfect beings and still struggle with parts of themselves
➡️Why you should embrace your authentic self
➡️How many layers there are to healing and improving your life
➡️And so much more!
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