Collagen, gelatin and why they’re essential with Emma Sgourakis


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To celebrate the release of our new Best Bloom Gelatin Emma and I thought we'd get together and talk about why we think everyone should be including gelatin in their diet.
In this episode, we chat about everything gelatin, including:
➡️The benefits of including more gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen in your diet
➡️Why it’s not just another form of protein
➡️Where gelatin comes from
➡️Different foods that contain gelatin
➡️Our favourite ways to get gelatin in
➡️And so much more!
We just released Saturée gelatin, which comes with its own recipe book (there are so many yummy recipes like cheesecake, marshmallows, gummies, and more). If you’re interested in adding more gelatin into your diet, definitely give this a go!
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