Falling pregnant at 40 with Emma Sgourakis


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I’ve never really had a burning desire to have children either has Craig.
With everything happening in the world this last year, I just started to think what more there was to life. I imagined making another human with Craig and this is gonna sound cheesy but I love him so much 🤣.
At first, Craig wanted to keep this to just us. I’m a bit of an over sharer and I’m very transparent but this was something we initially decided to just keep to ourselves. After we went to the fertility specialist late last year, I asked his permission to share more about this, so with his blessing, I’ve been opening up more about our journey.
With all of this going on and me opening up more to everyone about this, I decided to sit down with Emma Sgourakis - The Nutrition Coach, friend and business partner to chat about pregnancy preparation/pregnancy and mainstream advice vs a pro-metabolic approach.
We discuss:
➡️What you can do for your body when trying to have a baby and what I've been doing
➡️How to prepare the body for pregnancy - how to stay well nourished and why being well fuelled is so important
➡️What is the root cause of symptoms like morning sickness
➡️Finding balance with stress
➡️Weight gain
➡️Folate and prenatal vitamins - do you actually need them?
➡️Should you be eating raw foods?
➡️Liver and oysters - and why I will continue to eat these when I'm pregnant
➡️Coffee and pregnancy - Emma actually started drinking coffee when she fell pregnant and drank it right through her pregnancy
➡️And more!
On coffee:
In animal experiments that have been used to argue that pregnant women shouldn’t drink coffee, large doses of caffeine given to pregnant animals retarded the growth of the fetuses. But simply giving more sucrose prevented the growth retardation. Since caffeine tends to correct some of the metabolic problems that could interfere with pregnancy, it is possible that rationally constructed experiments could show benefits to the fetus from the mother’s use of coffee, for example by lowering bilirubin and serotonin, preventing hypoglycemia, increasing uterine perfusion and progesterone synthesis, synergizing with thyroid and cortisol to promote lung maturation, and providing additional nutrients.
From: http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/caffeine.shtml
Ray to me, regarding safety of Vitamin A during pregnancy 8/6/14: and the myth of vitamin a toxicity …I think having liver once a week is helpful for most nutrients, including vitamin A. A vitamin E supplement, preventing harmful oxidation of vitamins, helps to prevent a vitamin A deficiency, and is protective against extreme excesses of vitamin A.
In the 1970s, when drug companies were developing synthetic versions of vitamin A for treating acne, they planted stories explaining the need for such drugs, based on the purportedly extreme toxicity of natural vitamin A. The toxic amounts of natural vitamin A are thousands of times larger than the nutritional amounts, but therapeutic doses of the synthetics are teratogenic. Their publicity machine is so powerful that physicians and nutritionists are still showing its toxic effects.

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