Finding your confidence in the bedroom with Melissa Collins


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Mel reminds me a bit of Samantha from Sex & The City. She just owns her sexuality and is very confident and open about it.
We are actually really good friends and we talk about sex a lot. We always joke that she’s a bit like a guy in regards to sex 😂 She and Craig are much more open about it than I am (I’m getting better at this though!).
But I really do admire how confident Mel is in her own skin, and I think a lot of women can learn from her. Sex is such an important part of a healthy relationship and feeling connected with your partner.
Often when women join our programs they don't have a sex drive which has caused issues in their relationship. Once they improve their metabolism their sex drive comes back, but often they still feel disconnected from their partner and are not sure how to reignite that fire again.
So, if this is something that’s been concerning you and your relationship, I definitely recommend listening to this one! We talk about:
➡️ Mel’s childhood and growing up
➡️ Mel’s previous marriage, her husband's suicide and her current relationship
➡️ How you can get more comfortable with yourself
➡️ Learning what you like
➡️ Tips and tricks to gain confidence in the bedroom and rebuild that connection with your partner.
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