Finding Your Self-Worth with Hedley Derenzie


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In our program, WinAtLife, we are all about training and nutrition. But I think there is so much more to it.
Many women come into this program - their journey - (me too) with insecurities, fears, and feelings about yourself.
And I think when you finally start training and eating right, you become brave enough to face those things and tackle them head-on.
Low self-worth is something I had for so long. I’d seek attention from men and I’d drink. It manifests differently for different people, and in this podcast, Hedley and I dig into it and how we’ve both struggled with it. We chat about:
➡️How self-worth doesn’t come from the outside world but it has to come from you.
➡️How self-worth may start with feeling good and healthy.
➡️How we often project our insecurities onto other people and the world.
➡️How we’ve both navigated through low self-worth and relationships.
➡️Hedley’s books and experiences involving self-worth.
And so much more!
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