How emotions and trauma manifest as pain in the body with Jim Bostock


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About 6 months after I first met Craig, he had a bad shoulder injury. He went to about 5 different people - even got a cortisone shot. Eventually, a friend referred us to Jim.
Jim is a nerve-lock specialist and both Craig and I just love him. After 3 visits with Jim, Craig’s shoulder was back to normal and he could return to training.
Since then, we’ve sent hundreds of people to Jim. He’s just so amazing and has such a special gift. If you have pain, get on his website and get to Brisbane and see him!! We’ve had people with 10 years of neck pain that Jim has helped in just a few visits. It’s just incredible.
So, I thought it was only fitting to sit down and have a chat with Jim about pain and how it manifests within the body. We talk about:
➡️ How stress, emotions and trauma can manifest as pain in the body
➡️ How pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong
➡️ Pain is a good indicator of how your subconscious body is doing
➡️ How society plays a role when it comes to pain and the body
➡️ And so much more!
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