How Joanne beat her thyroid issues, fixed her hormonal issues & is down 5kgs all while giving up the grog!


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Are you wondering whether you should or shouldn’t give up alcohol during this process? If this sounds like you or you’re curious about giving up alcohol, you need to listen to this one!
Joanne went through a very similar and very relatable journey involving alcohol. She’s coming up on two years in our program, but it took her about 11 months to really get her shit together.
In this podcast episode, we talk all about her journey and challenges. For most women, it’s not the easiest of processes (changing your habits and trying something new is NEVER easy or comfortable), but once you come out on the other side, it’s so bloody worth it.
Joanne and I chat about:
➡️Her history with booze
➡️ Her history involving thyroid issues
➡️ Why she really couldn’t give up booze at fist
➡️ Why she eventually decided to try not drinking
➡️ What she noticed when she eliminated alcohol from the equation
➡️ The advice she would give to others in similar situations
➡️ And so much more!
Joanne’s journey is so inspiring. I really encourage you to listen to this - especially if you’re a big boozer (I used to be too and it was a really hard hurdle to get over).
And ladies, giving up booze doesn’t mean it’s forever. It’s about giving your thyroid and liver the support they need and allowing your metabolism to heal. Once you allow that to happen, the occasional drink is okay!
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