How the fitness industry has lied about realistic weight and body fat goals with Fallon & Kori


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It was so great to have Kori and Fallon on the podcast. They are both such beautiful and inspiring women who also preach the same message!!
A few weeks ago the three of us sat down and discussed the unrealistic expectations the fitness/diet industry sets around weight and body fat for women.
We talk about:
➡️Restrictive dieting and why it always leads to binge eating
➡️Our experiences with disordered eating and dieting, as well as what led each of us to pro-metabolic eating
➡️The unrealistic expectations some women set for themselves when it comes to body fat levels and weight goals
➡️What are realistic and healthy body fat levels for a woman
➡️The importance of having a support system throughout the healing process
➡️How you can achieve healthy and sustainable fat loss
➡️Why you should focus on taking imperfect action rather than trying to be perfect on your journey
➡️And more!
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