Iron Overload & Anemia with Loren De La Cruz


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If you’ve ever been tested for iron through blood tests, it’s time to LISTEN UP!
And if you don’t follow Loren, you need to! She produces amazing content on IG, and I am so grateful she was able to sit down and share her amazing knowledge with our audience.
In this episode, Loren reveals why the marker for iron blood tests is inaccurate and so much more. We break down a ton of myths and discuss what most of us are getting wrong when it comes to iron.
We chat about:
➡️ Why iron supplements may be creating worse problems for you
➡️ The importance of including animal foods in your diet
➡️ How iron is utilized in the body and what can go wrong
➡️ How vitamin A plays a role in iron utilization
➡️ Pro-metabolic foods Loren recommends and why.
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