Itsy & Bitsy: Two Little Boobs Who Dream Of Making It Big with Hedley Derenzie


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Today I’m sitting down with our friend and author Hedley Derenzie.
Hedley is the writer and author of six books, including her latest, Itsy & Bitsy: Two Little Boobs Who Dream Of Making It Big - a children’s-stylebook for adults inspired by a breast augmentation and then explant six months later.
I've had Hedley on the podcast before to talk about self-worth. If you’re a woman who struggles with self-worth I highly recommend you give it a listen.
In this episode, we’re talking everything fake boobs. Hedly shares her struggles with body image and why she got her implants put in and then why only 6 months later she got them taken out.
I’m also getting my implants removed and if you’re listening to this it means I've had my op and they're out!
So If you’re a woman who’s considering getting breast implants or someone who has implants and has been thinking about getting them taken out then this is a must-listen.
I just love Hedly I think she's warm, open and shares her experiences so authentically.
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