Loving your body at every size with Jane Davidson


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Jane Davidson is such an inspiration! She's been in our Winatlife program for almost 2 years and her rheumatoid arthritis is now in remission. But she’s also struggled with her body image her entire life.
I know so many women in our audience struggle with similar issues, so I decided to sit down with Jane and talk about how she’s come to accept her body and love herself. We chat about:
➡️Her personal journey involving yo-yo dieting for 35+ years
➡️How she learned to love herself and her body even when she weighed in at her heaviest
➡️How her relationships have impacted her body acceptance
➡️Why body image and acceptance comes from within
And much more!
If you’re struggling with your body image, give this a listen! You aren’t alone and it is possible to love yourself at every size.

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