The Great Vitamin D Debate with Georgi Dinkov, Danny Roddy, Kate Deering & Matt Blackburn


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Last week I caught up with Kate Deering, Matt Blackburn, Danny Roddy and Georgi Dinkov to chat about vitamin D supplementation.
In this podcast we will address both sides of the supplemental Vitamin D debate.
A few notes for the listening audience.
Vitamin D and its metabolites have many names, through out this interview it is good to know which ones are being discussed.
👉Cholecalciferol/ supplemental D3 is obtained by food, supplement and produced by body via sunlight
👉Ergocalciferol is D2, not produced in the human body, but is created by exposing certain plant-derived materials to ultraviolet light.
👉Calcidiol / ""Stored"" D / 25OHD/ 25-hydroxyvitamin D
👉Calcitriol/ ""activated"" D / 1,25D
In this podcast we discuss
👉What is vitamin D?
👉The rat poison -Cholecalciferol connection. Should we be worried?
👉Is low vitamin D the symptom of poor health or the cause?
👉Why you do NOT want high levels of 1,25 (active) Vitamin D.
👉Parathyroid hormone (PTH), 25OHD, Calcium and 1,25 vitamin D connection
👉Does 25OHD actually have ""active"" properties?
👉Can taking supplemental vitamin D affect 1,25 D's levels?
👉The vitamin D -Corona Virus connection
👉Does Supplemental D deplete the body of nutrients?
👉What tests should you take to find out if you are ""low"" in Vitamin D
👉Who, if anyone, should take supplemental D
👉What is the best way to take supplemental D
👉Should we be concerned with supplemental D in our food?
👉What are the optimal Vitamin D levels?
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