The number one reason you’re not seeing results in the gym with Craig McDonald


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Are you a woman who puts in so much effort in at the gym but your body just isn't changing?
Well, that used to be me. I trained 6-7 days per week and I really thought I knew what I was doing! But my body certainly didn't look like it does now. That all changed when I met Craig.
I get this question all the time from women "how should I train to achieve a toned and athletic body"
So I decided to sit down with Craig and talk about the training methodology he used to transform my body and 1000's of other women's bodies in the Winatlife Program.
Craig is known as ‘the sausage’ amongst the women in our program, a nickname he picked up after I called him sausage on a live one night 😂 I’m ‘the fog horn’ - the more vocal of us two. But Craig is the other half of our company and he really is the one that saved me from myself and hours of cardio I was doing.
One of the first dates we had was in the gym. I remember he asked me to show him a deadlift and he ended up just telling me to put the bar down 😂 I really thought I was ‘training’ but I didn’t really know what I was doing and I NEVER tracked my progress. I didn't really understand what strong meant or how to extract a maximum performance.
In this podcast episode, Craig and I chat about:
➡️Advice for women with hormonal issues who want to train
➡️Where we start with women entering our training program, beginners and advanced lifters
➡️The mental hurdles involved when you start strength training
➡️Why training more should never be the goal
➡️What you should be measuring
➡️Where a lot of women go wrong
➡️The best exercises and why
➡️And more!
Training and progress don’t have to be overcomplicated!
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