The truth about SUGAR with Kate Deering


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It’s been a hot minute since Kate Deering and I have sat down and discussed the factors contributing to a high-functioning metabolism.
So, we finally caught up and recorded this new podcast episode.
Kate Deering is a Holistic Lifestyle and Exercise Coach and published author of How To Heal Your Metabolism (a book that if you haven’t read, I can’t recommend enough!). In this podcast episode, we dive deep into sugar and why it isn’t poison. (I figured we’d dig up this topic again for new followers and as a friendly reminder that sugar isn’t all bad.)
We chat about:
➡️ WHEN and WHY sugar became the demon it’s considered by many today.
➡️WHAT types of sugar are good for you and your metabolism.
➡️Why sugar is necessary for optimal function and health.
➡️ How sugar can actually help combat stress.
➡️ The misconceptions about sugar and diabetes.
➡️ And so much more!
With sugar, you just feel better and function better. You also might get a little sweeter!
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