The uncomfortable journey of healing, gaining 30kgs and putting weight loss last with Leila Lutz


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A few weeks ago I caught up with my friend Leila Luiz to record this podcast episode. I just love Leila, she is warm and open and we just clicked. The first time we went to record this we actually chatted for 1.5 hours and had to reschedule.
Like me, she loves a good chinwag 😂
Leila is a Heath and Performance Coach of 18 years, riding the uncomfortable journey of healing and putting weight loss last. She talks about her struggles as someone who has always been fit and energetic to struggling to work, mother and live.
She talks about her struggle with Hashimoto's and the confronting journey of what it’s like to be overweight as a health and fitness professional and accepting that 30kgs of weight gain is part of the healing journey and healing her metabolism. She also talks about doing the inner work and how it's one of the key foundations to loving your body.
Leila has a story that I'm sure so many women can relate to.
I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did.
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