What it takes to transform your body in a healthy and sustainable way with Amy Bowe & Craig McDonald


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A few weeks ago Craig and I caught up with Amy Bowe to talk about what it actually takes to transform your body in a healthy and sustainable way. Amy has been coaching for 12 years. She also has a dietetics degree, which she actually says was more clinical than her approach to food today. We both love Amy!
She is actually located in Vancouver but is from Australia. She was an Olympic lifter, has an amazing physique, and is an awesome person. Today, she also helps women get stronger, fuel their metabolism, and break-free from restrictive diets (similar to what we do!).
We all decided this was a good opportunity to sit down and talk about women’s expectations, what they want to achieve versus what it actually takes, and roadblocks that come up, as well as how you can try to close those gaps.
We chat about:
➡️Diet culture
➡️ The type of training that will support your metabolism and build muscle and why this is important when it comes to a healthy and sustainable body transformation
➡️Why your body composition can’t be your only ‘why’
➡️Asking the right questions and focusing on what is relevant
➡️Why getting your technique down and taking your time is so important when it comes to strength training
➡️Tracking your food and how that relates to your relationship with food, when and why it’s important
➡️And more!
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